Flight search

New destination database

RezOn Universal uses a smart system that automatically determines the departure and arrival points on the basis of given criteria. The desired point of departure and arrival is offered even if in the search form some city name is  incorrectly indicated, for example, using an English keyboard layout. In addition, RezOn Universal allows the client to do a search based on IATA codes, which are most often used by professional travel consultants.

Multilingual and multi currency interface

RezOn Universal is available in 15 languages and provides for the possibility of adding other language localizations. The system provides automatic language detection based on IP address. The client can easily switch the website language as well as the currency when calculating the fare. Therefore , it is extremely useful for the agency on any new market.

Advanced Search

The most demanding customers can always use the advanced search option based on further criteria, such as departure time, carrier and any other preference.

Simultaneous search for flights and train tickets

On some destinations, reachable both by plane and train, RezOn Universal performs the background search for pricing options from air and rail content providers.

Search for two separate tickets on a round trip itinerary

Most websites offer the purchase of flight tickets for round trip journey with one ticket. Airlines publish for this reason special indivisible rates. However, in some cases, it is significantly cheaper to buy a separate ticket for outbound flight and a return ticket separately. Such
unconventional approach for flight tickets search can often save up to 33% of the ticket price.

A quick comparison of selected options

Search results are displayed in a clear and simple form. Extensive sorting options and filters make it very easy to select the desired option. Besides this, the client always has at their fingertips such useful information itinerary plan, which may influence the choice of the passenger: the number and duration of connections, clear direct warning about the overnight connections and airport change.


If the customer is unsure how to pay, RezOn Universal offers at least 10 different payment methods, including online payment, bank transfer, payment in self-service terminals etc.

Quick booking process

Customers final choice is displayed simply, so that it is easy to verify and correct if necessary.