Business Agent

Business Agent is a web-based tool that allows Non-IATA agencies to do all routine tasks: booking creation, ticket issuance, ticket void.

Automated ticket issue for subagents with no risks

Consolidator has all the necessary tools to monitor subagents performance, set up restrictions by carriers, adjust account balance, establish allowed operations list for a single subagency or a group of subagents.

Multicurrency and multi-PCC support

Subagents account balance can be established in various currencies. Up to 4 different PCCs can be switched on for one subagent account.

Flexible payment options

Subagents balance can be topped up using multiple payment methods: bank transfer, online payment, invoice settlement.

Vast content options

Apart from traditional GDS carriers subagent also gets access to the largest low cost carriers network and Ukrainian railway content.

Smart search

The most demanding customers can always use the advanced search option based on further criteria, such as maximum connection time restriction, online/Interline connections restriction, multi-airport connection restriction, specified routing etc.

Client list support

Client data is saved individually for each subagents account and allows to speed up the booking process by automatic name fill in.

Advanced security measures

Customer data protection is our top priority. Therefore we combine a number of identity verification tools: Google Authenticator, IP address whitelist, SMS verification.

Extensive customisation tools

Individual layout and email settings customisation are supported for each subagent account.