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RezOn Universal provides access to all functions appropriate for modern booking systems. Those functionalities that previously one could expect only in premium level packages are included by default even into the basic version RezOn Universal Standard.

Special Offers creation

RezOn Universal allows you to create and promote special offers easily and quickly, based on airline promo fares. The unique URL generated by RezOn Universal for each of the special offers can be used for various banners and promo newsletters.

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Social networks integration

RezOn Universal provides access to the registered user account using Facebook or Vkontankte credentials. This means that the client  need not remember their new login and password, you only need to sign up with Facebook or Vkontakte user.

Reservations list and user account

The registered user account allows the clients to update their profile, including passenger details, saving client preferences for additional services onboard. In addition, the client receives all the necessary information for managing and cancelling their bookings, changing payment method.

Flexible search +/- 3 days for flights and rail tickets

RezOn Universal analyzes hundreds of pricing options for each customer search request from various sources of content using unique opportunities to find the best offer. Notwithstanding the times and dates. Nohing extra.

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User interface customization from the back office

All RezOn Universal versions allow you to customize the layout of the front end: personalise the logo and website colours in accordance with the brand guidelines, alter the location of different user interface elements on each of the pages, enabling you to create your own unique website design.

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Simultaneous search of pricing offers on various markets

A well known fact is that airlines apply diversified fare policy for different markets. RezOn Universal provides the tools to collect the best pricing options from various markets, as each of the legacy carriers offer different fares. This functionality is targeted at multinational companies and travel agencies that have partners in other markets.

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Full cycle of ticket sales

RezOn Universal users apply cutting edge technologies in all the stages of IBE usage, starting with shopping, fare selection and finishing with booking creation and electronic ticket issuance.
ReOn Universal focuses on the search for the cheapest pricing option and most convenient itinerary option together with search results optimisation.

Superb protection of your data

Special attention is paid to safety issues. RezOn Universal uses SSL protocol and reliable communication links to Galileo GDS, ensuring the protection of your personal data of clients and transactions transmitted. Payment data is entered directly on the bank page, in accordance with international standards of the payment card industry security.

Partner network development

Partner network members will be able to create reservations on behalf of the agency. RezOn Universal provides the ability to create individual settings for each partner website.

Intergrated web analytics tools

Usage of these tools enables you to view what type of itineraries are most often searched for, what are the top destinations, as well as answers many other questions about client behavior when booking tickets online. The findings provide opportunities for analysis and further work to increase the revenue from the sale of tickets.

Compatibility with global Travelport technologies

Along with RezOn Universal a variety of Travelport products can be used to increase sales on your website, such as Travelport Search Control Console, Travelport e-Tracker, Travelport Viewtrip Mobile and Travelport Viewtrip.

Unprecedented opportunities for flight cheap airfares

RezOn Universal airticket search is based on the most advanced technologies. Using Travelport e-Pricing, which is the unrivaled tool to find the cheapest offers around the world.

SMS notifications on booking creation

RezOn Universal allows you to customize the automatic SMS messaging service about successful reservation creation.

Search for two separate tickets on a round trip itinerary

Most websites offer customer flight tickets for a round trip journey with one ticket. Airlines publish special rates for this reason. However, in some cases, it is significantly cheaper to buy a separate ticket for outbound flight and a return ticket separately. This unconventional approach for flight tickets search can often save up to 33% of the ticket price.

Simultaneous search for flights and rail tickets

On some destinations reachable both by plane and train, RezOn Universal searches both air and rail content providers. Thus, the client saves money due to the train tickets being twice or even 3 times cheaper.

Seamless integration with global distribution system

Full integration with Travelport Galileo GDS, the largest global reservation system, enables you to monitor the current status of the order and view its history, both in the administrative part and the User Account.


Often when searching for flight tickets the clients do not know how payment will be made. This option allows you to book one or more tickets for the best price, and make the payment later, in accordance with the rules of the airline.

Corporate sales

Built-in corporate module within RezOn Universal functionality is designed for self-booking travel services rendered by employees of the partner company or corporate clients who do not have any special knowledge and skills to work with the reservation systems.

Professional function


RezOn Universal developers provide  access to a variety of content, numerous know-how and ready-made algorithms for the Internet booking engine, based on more than 10 years of successful work in the field of software development. This gives the flexibility to create own
business logic and save both time and money to be spent on programming the customer’s own interface.

Professional function. Official release: 1st quarter 2016

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