Rail tickets

One-way search and round trip tickets

RezOn Universal allows to search for both one way and round trip train tickets using the similar logic as for air ticket reservations.

Enhanced search for all train stations

RezOn Universal uses a unique option to search all railway stations located within one city. This helps to optimize the quality of search because the client no longer needs to make several search requests to view all the train time from and to a specific city.

Pricing offers for different type of carriages

RezOn Universal uses its own know-how to display pricing options and the number of available seats for different types of carriages at the first stage of the search. This feature greatly simplifies the process of searching and comparing different price options.

Quick search update

During the shopping process the user can change the date and route of train journey at any time.

Interactive seat maps for easy seat selection

To streamline the seat reservation process RezOn Universal offers unique interactive maps for each of the available car types.

Straightforward search results

RezOn Universal provides sorting of search results by different options: train number, departure time, arrival time and duration of the trip.

Interactive route map

Built-in interactive maps indicating the train departure and arrival time on all stations on the route are useful when searching for a train ticket to a new destination. It also helps to avoid mistakes when buying a ticket to the train stations having the same name but located in different regions.

Automatic ticket issuance

Multilingual and multi currency interface RezOn Universal supports 15 languages and provides for the possibility of adding extra language localizations. The system provides automatic language preference detection based on the IP address. The user can easily change the website language and the currency for calculating the fare. This is very convenient when the agency is expanding to new markets.

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