Business Agent

All air ticket sales operations in the sub-agent network. Light. Quickly.

Risk-free auto-ticketing for sub-agents

The consolidator is provided with all the necessary tools to monitor the performance of sub-agents, set restrictions on airlines, adjust the account balance, set the allowed list of operations for one sub-agent or a group of sub-agents.

Multi-currency and multi-PCC

The balance of the subagent’s account can be set in different currencies. Up to 4 different PCCs can be included per subagent account.

Flexibility when choosing a payment method

The subagent’s balance can be replenished using several payment methods: bank transfer, online payment, invoice.

Great content

In addition to traditional airlines, through GDS the subagent also gets access to the largest network of low-cost carriers and Ukrainian Railways.

Smart search

The most demanding customers can always use the advanced search option based on additional criteria such as maximum connection time limit, online/interline connection limit, multiple airport connection limit, use of a specific route, etc.

Individual customer lists

Customer data is stored separately for each sub-agent account and allows you to speed up the booking process by automatically filling in the name.

Advanced security measures

Protecting customer data is our top priority. That’s why we combine a number of authentication tools: Google Authenticator, white list of IP addresses, SMS confirmation.
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