New professional solution for selling bus tickets!

Leading carriers

Bus content from the largest providers FlixBus and Busfor in a single window of our RezOn Universal Bus Travel interface. Now RezOn Universal users can offer their customers optimal routes at the best prices, combining all modes of transport.

Convenient search

The search for tickets is carried out at all possible bus stations within the same city. Thanks to already familiar work with search and registration of air and railway tickets, registration of bus tickets takes place in a matter of minutes.

A large route network

Routes from Ukraine to more than 2,000 cities in Europe are available at very reasonable prices, which is a great alternative to more expensive air content.

Choosing the desired location

Thanks to detailed interactive models of buses, the process of choosing a seat takes a minimum of time. Unfortunately, this feature is not available if the carrier has not provided seat selection. In this case, you will be able to choose seats before departure.


The module is managed through the back office (direct integration with RezOn Universal’s personal account) – registered users of the site are offered additional options for managing the client’s profile, including contact data. In addition, it contains all the necessary information for the created orders: airline tickets, insurances, railway and bus tickets.

In addition, the agency gets full control over the settings of the appearance of the interface, service fees and commissions, message templates for clients. Detailed reporting, revenue control and sales statistics allow you to analyze the agency’s work in real time.

Price conditions

The lowest price on the market.

Purchase of two separate round-trip tickets

Most sites offer one-way round trip tickets. Airlines publish special indivisible tariffs for this. However, in some cases it is much cheaper to buy a separate one-way ticket and a separate return ticket. This non-standard approach to searching for airline tickets often allows you to save up to 33% on one ticket.

Simultaneous search for air tickets and train tickets

For a number of destinations that can be reached both by plane and by train, the search is carried out both on the basis of airlines and on the basis of railway operators. Thus, the client saves his money, because train tickets can be 2 or even 3 times cheaper, as well as his time.
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