A new service to increase sales and meet customer needs.

A reliable content provider

Comprehensive travel insurance in partnership with “European Travel Insurance”.

Issuing an insurance policy online.

COVID-19 coverage.

A full range of services for clients

Covered risks: medical expenses, accident, baggage insurance, civil liability, including cover for COVID-19. Trip cancellation insurance is offered.

Convenient sale of insurance online

The insurance policy is generated automatically, all data is imported from the current flight ticket order, including the insurance period, age and number of travelers.

Powerful backoffice

Own management system gives full control over the settings of insurance policies, allows you to manage service fees, and also contains detailed reports of sales statistics.

Personal office

Full integration with RezOn Universal’s own cabinet. Registered users of the site are offered additional options for managing the client’s profile, including contact information. In addition, it contains all the necessary information about the created orders: airline tickets, insurances, railway tickets, bus tickets.

Creation of insurance policies online

The agent can easily and quickly create an insurance policy on the website in a separate menu item. Our solution allows you to organize sales in the agency network, giving site users the opportunity to issue insurance documents within the limits of the previously provided deposit.

Easy start

UAH 0 fee for connection and support.

Reward up to 20%

A convenient system of mutual settlements.
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