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The system supports all stages of sales: from search to payment

RezOn Universal uses advanced technologies at all stages of using the product, starting from the search, selection of tariffs, and ending with the creation of a reservation and ensuring the payment of the cost of transportation. At the same time, the main emphasis is placed on offering the cheapest and most convenient flight options along with the optimization of search results.

Powerful protection for your data

Special attention is paid to security issues. RezOn Universal uses an encrypted data transfer standard over the network (SSL) and reliable communication lines with the global reservation system Galileo, ensuring the protection of personal data of customers and transactions transmitted. Payment data is entered directly on the bank’s page in accordance with payment card industry security standards. It is possible to connect an additional level of user authentication of the management system using Google Authenticator.

Adaptation to work with a lot of international Travelport products and programs

A number of Travelport products can be used in conjunction with RezOn Universal for even more successful sales on your site: Go-Link, Travelport Search Control Console, Travelport e-Tracker, Travelport Viewtrip Mobile, Travelport Viewtrip.

Unique opportunities to search for cheap airfares

The RezOn Universal flight search is based on the latest technologies of Travelport e-Pricing, an unrivaled tool for finding the cheapest fares around the world. Travelport e-Pricing allows you to view all available fares in a matter of seconds, choose the best one and make a reservation immediately.

Full integration with the global reservation system

Integration with the largest reservation system Travelport Galileo allows you to track the current status of the order in a timely manner and see its history both in the administrative part and in the client’s personal account.

Multilingual and multicurrency interface

RezOn Universal supports 15 languages ​​of the user interface and includes the possibility of adding additional language localizations. The system provides for automatic determination of the interface language by IP address. The user can easily switch the language of the website and the currency of the tariff calculation. This is very convenient when the agency enters new markets.

New city base

RezOn Universal uses an intelligent system of automatic determination of the point of departure and arrival based on the given paradigms. The desired point of departure and arrival will be offered, even if the name of the city is not quite correct in the search form, for example, the name is written in Russian in the English layout. Search by IATA codes is also supported, which is especially often used by air transport sales professionals.

Convenient selection of options and filtering of search results

Search results are presented in a more understandable and convenient form. Extensive sorting options and filters simplify the process of choosing the right offer. Comprehensive information about the travel route that can influence the passenger’s choice is always at hand: the number and duration of transfers, warnings about night connections and airport changes. Additionally, the number of seats remaining at the selected tariff is displayed.

Advanced search

For demanding customers, a search is offered specifying additional criteria: time interval of departure, airline, categories of passengers, classes of service.

Intelligent search algorithm

A number of additional functions are used to obtain the lowest flight cost. Most sites offer one-way round trip tickets. Airlines publish special indivisible tariffs for this. However, in some cases, it is much cheaper to buy a separate one-way ticket and a separate return ticket. This non-standard approach to searching for airline tickets often allows you to save up to 33% on one ticket. Also, to obtain the minimum cost for several categories of passengers, for example, for an adult and a child, it is possible to create several reservations at different rates in one order.

Fast booking completion

Brief information about the selected search option allows you to minimize the number of errors when creating an order and at the same time simplify the process of completing the reservation. If necessary, the client can always refer to detailed information about the chosen route. RezOn Universal supports an advanced data entry format for the passenger. After creating a reservation, the passenger can send a request to change previously entered passport data.

Deferred payment

Thanks to this option, booking tickets has become even easier, because very often at this stage the client does not yet know exactly how the payment will be made. RezOn Universal users can specify up to 10 different payment methods, including online payment, payments by bank receipt, payment at self-service terminals.

Multiple selection of online payment methods

After creating a reservation, the client has the opportunity to independently choose through which of the available payment systems (Privatbank,, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Alfabank, TAScombank) he will make the payment. It is also possible to apply for a loan for the purchase of air tickets at ForwardBank. In the first version, the connection of one gateway of choice is available. For the convenience of tracking bank transactions for all connected payment gateways, a separate functional module is available in the management system.

Branded tariffs

Thanks to the new feature, agencies can offer their customers fares with additional services included, such as luggage transportation, food, drinks, etc. When booking transportation, passengers can independently choose service packages offered by airlines. The service will be automatically offered to a number of airlines that have activated this type of fare in GDS Galileo.

Personal account for managing orders

With the help of RezOn Universal’s personal account, website visitors are offered additional opportunities for managing the client’s profile, including contact information, saving benefits when ordering additional services on board. In addition, here the client receives all the necessary information to administer their own reservations, change the payment method, and quickly cancel the order. For the third version of the product, universal use of the cabinet is possible for users of the B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) categories.

Integration with social networks

RezOn Universal allows you to enter the client’s personal account using a Facebook and Google account. This means that the client does not need to remember new account login parameters, it is enough to choose authorization as a Facebook or Google user once.

Integrated powerful Google Analytics monitoring tools

The use of these tools provides insight into which tickets are most frequently searched for, which destinations, and answers to many other questions about customer behavior when booking tickets online. The resulting data provides ample opportunities for analytics and further work to increase profitability from ticket sales.

Changing the interface from the back office

All versions of RezOn Universal include the ability to change the appearance of the site: change the logo, adjust colors, layout of elements on each page, which allows you to make an original design. It is also possible to create unique message letters that match the agency’s corporate style. For each event, separate templates are provided, allowing you to more flexibly manage the settings of each project.

Automated user support system

The technical support system integrated into the back-office part allows agencies to get answers to any questions related to the work of the online project. Highly qualified employees of several departments are involved in the service, who will help the agency quickly solve any task.

Service fees and discounts

A full-featured service fee module allows the agency to set markups and apply discounts based on multiple factors, such as destinations, airlines, site users, time, passenger category, fare sources, etc. With its help, you can more flexibly form a pricing policy and offer customers attractive prices for airline tickets.

Time management for order payment

Setting a time limit for payment is possible depending on the date and time of order creation, rules for applying tariffs and other parameters. Display of the timer on all pages of the confirmed flight order, as well as in the notification letters, allows the client to always be aware of the period during which he needs to make the payment. After the expiration of the specified time, the client will not be able to pay for and issue air tickets automatically.

Full control of statistical data

In the statistics module, a large amount of information about the created air bookings is available, which allows the agency to make an in-depth analysis of the project’s performance and make appropriate adjustments to the settings if necessary. For example, attracting the number of customer requests for certain directions, reducing the service fee or making an additional special offer can increase the agency’s income.

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