Examples of implementations

RezOn Universal is used by more than 300 sites in different countries. Here are just some of the current projects.

Reviews of our favorite customers

And here are the reviews themselves:
Pegas Touristik is one of the first companies that started using the new online version of Rezon IBE. We have repeatedly convinced ourselves that Galileo products are developed on the basis of the most modern technologies, and the new search module was no exception. It combined even more features, became even faster and got an even more friendly and intuitive interface. This development was also highly appreciated by our partners and customers.

Pegas Touristik

Dmytro Karyakin, Director
We use IBE REZON in our work all the time and are very satisfied. There are the following useful things: 1. choosing a specific carrier; 2. you can set a complex route; 3. the client’s office, where you can view reservations and issued tickets; 4. messages are sent to the phone and e-mail with information about booking a plane ticket. We recommend it to all progressive agencies!

Business visit

Anastasia Dramsheva
Consolidating more than 600 GDS agents in Ukraine and abroad, we actively use online solutions for sales development. Functional capabilities of the RezOn product, superior in many factors to competitors, allow any subject of the tourism industry to turn a website into a stable source of income. RezOn is an effective online tool for every fourth of our clients, confirming the high efficiency of the product in the development of Internet commerce.


Konstantin Serov, Director

Even more examples of implementations

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