Premium features

Creation of special offers

With RezOn Universal, creating and promoting promotional rate specials is quick and easy. The unique link that RezOn Universal generates for each special offer can be used for various banners, promotional mailings.

Convenient search for given and nearby dates (+/- 3 days)

RezOn Universal analyzes hundreds of variations of each search query in different content sources and offers a selection of the best offers for nearby dates. Without complex matrices and additional actions on the part of the client.

Simultaneous search for offers on different markets

As you know, airlines apply different tariff policies for different distribution markets. RezOn Universal allows you to combine different best price offers from a number of countries, each of which has its own tariffs. This option will be of interest to multinational companies, as well as agencies that have contracts with partners in other countries.

Development of partner network

A single universal project is provided, which allows partner agencies to install the module on their sites and provide their customers with the possibility of booking air transportation. Flexible settings allow the lead agency to set unique service fees for each partner agency.

SMS messages about created reservations

RezOn Universal allows you to configure automatic SMS messages about the successful creation of a reservation.

Language versions and localization

All texts on the site can be changed by the agency independently with the help of a simple and convenient use of the localization editor. We provide a unique opportunity to add your own interface language if the RezOn Universal product is not available.

Booking from the seat availability screen

Experienced agents who are familiar with the features of reservation systems are given the opportunity to book transportation from the seat availability screens. This allows you to more flexibly take into account the wishes of customers regarding the choice of flights and independently form unique price offers.

Exchange rate management

When connecting the changes of several markets, the issue of controlling the exchange rates used during the conversion of prices received in other currencies is relevant. By default, the BSP rate is used, but the agency has the opportunity to be more flexible in the formation of the value and independently set the currency conversion rate, as well as add any currencies at its discretion to the interface.

Special rates with account codes and discounts from airlines

Agencies that have special rates from airlines can offer such unique offers to their customers or certain groups of site users. Such tariffs are filed by airlines in the reservation system individually for the agency and can be calculated using special modifiers.
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