Everything you need for online ticket sales and even more

RezOn Universal provides access to all functions inherent in modern reservation systems. Those options that were previously only available in expensive premium packages, RezOn Universal is included by default even in the basic version 1.

Creation of special offers

With RezOn Universal, creating and promoting promotional rate specials is quick and easy. The unique link that RezOn Universal generates for each special offer can be used for various banners, promotional mailings.
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Integration with social networks

RezOn Universal allows you to enter the client’s personal account using a Facebook and Google account. This means that the client does not need to remember new account login parameters, it is enough to choose authorization as a Facebook or Google user once.

Personal account for managing orders

With the help of RezOn Universal’s personal account, website visitors are offered additional opportunities to manage the client’s profile, including contact information, saving preferences when ordering additional services on board. In addition, here the client receives all the necessary information to administer their own reservations, change the payment method, and quickly cancel the order.

Convenient search +/-3 days for airline tickets and train tickets

RezOn Universal analyzes hundreds of variations of each search query in different content sources and offers a selection of the best offers for nearby dates. Without complex matrices and additional actions on the part of the client.
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Changing the interface from the back office

All versions of RezOn Universal include the ability to change the appearance of the site: change the logo, adjust the color scheme, layout of elements on each page, which allows you to make an original design.

Simultaneous search for offers on different markets

As you know, airlines apply different tariff policies for different distribution markets. RezOn Universal allows you to combine different best price offers from a number of countries, each of which has its own tariffs. This option will be of interest to multinational companies, as well as agencies that have contracts with partners in other countries.
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The system supports all stages of sales: from search to processing of transport documents

RezOn Universal uses advanced technologies at all stages of using the engine, starting from search, selection of fares, and ending with the creation of a reservation and issuing a ticket. At the same time, the main emphasis is on offering the cheapest and most convenient flight options along with optimizing the search results.

Powerful protection for your data

Special attention is paid to security issues. RezOn Universal uses an encrypted data transfer standard over the network (SSL) and reliable communication lines with the global reservation system Galileo, ensuring the protection of personal data of customers and transactions transmitted. Payment data is entered directly on the bank’s page in accordance with payment card industry security standards.

Development of partner network

Network members will be able to make reservations on behalf of their customers. The solution provides the possibility of creating individual settings for each site.

Integrated powerful Google Analytics monitoring tools

The use of these tools provides insight into which tickets are most frequently searched for, which destinations, and answers to many other questions about customer behavior when booking tickets online. The obtained data provide ample opportunities for analytics and further work to increase profitability from ticket sales.

Adaptation to work with a lot of international Travelport products and programs

Along with RezOn Universal, a whole range of Travelport products can be used for even more successful sales on your site: Travelport Search Control Console, Travelport e-Tracker, Travelport Viewtrip Mobile, Travelport Viewtrip.

Unprecedented opportunities to search for cheap airfares

RezOn Universal flight search is based on modern technologies of Travelport e-Pricing, an unrivaled tool for finding the cheapest fares around the world. Travelport e-Pricing allows you to view all available tariffs in a matter of seconds, choose the best ones and make a reservation immediately.

SMS messages about created reservations

RezOn Universal allows you to configure automatic SMS messages about the successful creation of a reservation.
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Purchase of two separate round-trip tickets

Most sites offer one-way round trip tickets. Airlines publish special indivisible tariffs for this. However, in some cases it is much cheaper to buy a separate one-way ticket and a separate return ticket. This non-standard approach to searching for airline tickets often allows you to save up to 33% on one ticket.

Simultaneous search for air tickets and train tickets

For a number of destinations that can be reached both by plane and by train, the search is carried out both on the basis of airlines and on the basis of railway operators. Thus, the client saves his money, because train tickets can be 2 or even 3 times cheaper, as well as his time.

Full integration with the global reservation system

Integration with the largest reservation system Travelport Galileo allows you to track the current status of the order in a timely manner and see its history both in the administrative part and in the client’s personal account.

Delayed payment of the order

Most often, when searching for air tickets, the client does not know exactly how the payment will be made. This option allows you to book one or more tickets at the best price, and pay later, according to the rules of the airline.

Corporate module

This functionality of RezOn Universal is designed for self-booking of travel services by employees of a partner company or corporate clients who do not have special knowledge and skills in working with reservation systems.
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Multiple selection of online payment methods

After creating a reservation, the client can independently choose through which of the available payment systems (Privatbank, Portmone.com, Raiffeisen Bank Aval) he will make the payment.
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Tariff application rules

For the convenience of choosing the desired flight option, the tariff rules are now displayed at the stage of search results and booking creation. The tariff application rule categories are translated into all languages ​​supported by the RezOn Universal interface.
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