A professional solution for the sale of railway tickets of Ukrzaliznytsia. UAH 0 connection. No subscription fee.

Search by all stations

This unique search option for all railway stations within one city allows you to optimize the quality of the search, because the client no longer needs to make several searches to display all train numbers going to or from a certain city.

Sale of train tickets with a transfer

If there are no trains between the specified stations, alternative options with a transfer are automatically offered. Previously, in such cases, agents had to independently search for other transportation options or change the search parameters. Now the system will select options for you.

Automatic issuance of electronic tickets

TravelRail allows you to easily and quickly issue e-tickets for more than 90 trains.

Search "there" and "back"

Thanks to TravelRail, it is easy to search for train tickets using the search algorithm already used for the sale of tickets by the round trip route.

Sale of tickets for domestic and international destinations

An extensive network of routes covers not only all regions of Ukraine, but also CIS countries.

Modern interface

An intuitive and understandable graphic interface greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of selling tickets. No additional staff training is required, work can be started within minutes after project activation.

Flexible search +/- 3 days

Thanks to this option, the travel agent with the help of one request gets access to all possible options involving trains that do not run daily. This allows us to offer the passenger an optimal price and a convenient route.

Discounts for students up to 50%

The discount is calculated automatically after entering the passenger data, series and number of the student ticket, which are checked against the Unified State Electronic Database for Education (UEDEBO).

Trip route on the map

Displaying an interactive map of train movement with departure times at all stations will be useful when choosing a travel route if there are different trains according to the selected search criteria. It will also help to avoid mistakes when buying a ticket to stations of the same name located in different regions.

Convenient choice of seats in the carriage

Thanks to detailed interactive models of trains, the process of choosing a seat in any type of car takes a minimum of time.

Quick price comparison for different types of wagons

Our own unique developments significantly save the time of the railway ticket sales agent, because the price of the ticket and the number of available seats for different types of carriages are already displayed at the first stage of the search results.

Hold reservation

This option is especially useful in situations where the customer needs some time to make a decision. This allows you to significantly simplify the sales process and save the agent’s time.

Order confirmation

When selling a train ticket through TravelRail, the agent does not need to send the client’s e-ticket by e-mail. All these operations are performed automatically, while the agent can easily change the appearance of the message at any time.

Powerful agency back office

TravelRail offers every travel agent full access to a comprehensive management system that has no analogues in our market. Thanks to this, the agency gets full control over the settings of the appearance of the interface, service fees and commissions, message templates for clients. Detailed reporting, revenue control and sales statistics allow you to analyze the agency’s work in real time.

Development of own partner network

Taking into account the fact that the process of selling train tickets does not require as many special skills and certificates as selling air tickets, it is less expensive to implement the process of selling train tickets in partner companies. TravelRail makes this process even more convenient and fast. Thanks to an effective system of controlling income and expenses within the back office of the agency, as well as a hierarchical system of deposits, TravelRail allows the sale of railway tickets for both partner agents and corporate clients.

Own design style

Configures the appearance of the interface from the agency’s back office. Customization of route documents and messages in accordance with the corporate style of the agency: the possibility of changing the logo, contact data, standard content of messages.

Configures the appearance of the interface from the agency’s back office. Customization of route documents and messages in accordance with the corporate style of the agency is easily performed with the help of the back office: it is possible to change the logo, contact data, standard content of messages.

The use of the most modern technologies, the new open platform HTML5 for creating web applications and the cascading style sheet of the third generation (CSS3) allows the travel agency to easily outsource the issue of changing the appearance of the interface.

Price conditions

The lowest price on the market

Net prices

The agency determines the markup.
Flexible fee settings for booking and issuing a ticket.
An individual fee can be specified when issuing a ticket.

Easy start

UAH 0 fee for connection and support. The top-up amount is determined by the agency.
*Based on the average cost of tickets, the recommended amount to top up the agency’s balance is UAH 1,000.

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