Business functions


Tariff application rules

For the convenience of choosing the desired flight option, the tariff rules are now displayed at the stage of search results and booking creation. The tariff application rule categories are translated into all languages ​​supported by the RezOn Universal interface.

Additional Services

If a passenger has booked transportation at a fare without baggage, and later decides to fly with baggage, he always has the opportunity to use the airline’s service of purchasing overtime baggage.

Management of issuance and number of dockings

The agency has access to a wide range of settings that regulate the issuance of price offers on the site. It is possible to prohibit the issuance of certain carriers, combinations of flights, as well as to add enabling rules that will allow displaying on the site only the specified combinations of flights or airlines. For the most flexible approach to the formation of flight options convenient for the client, it is possible to additionally set the number of connections, the maximum time of connection or change the airports at transfer points.

Automatic registration of air tickets

After successful payment by the client on the website of the full price of the flight order, electronic tickets can be issued automatically. Passengers receive a route receipt with ticket numbers to their e-mail address, and can also print documents in their personal account. By connecting the auto-ticketing function, the agency significantly saves time in processing online reservations. Fully functional modules for setting carrier commissions and ticketing rules are available to meet all airline requirements.

User management

In the presence of a large number of site users, the agency can simplify the process of managing service fee settings by combining such accounts into groups and setting the most optimal fees or discounts for them. If employees of a partner company regularly book transportation on the site, this function is also convenient, as it allows you to automatically track all orders by company in the statistics sections.

Getting statistics using the API

To automate the process of obtaining information about reservations created on the site, the agency can use direct access to RezOn servers and use the API to import data directly into its internal accounting system.
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